Spare Parts and Procurement Services

Not only the oil-, gas- and petrochemical industry, but the industry in general, spends on a yearly basis substantial amounts for replacement of parts in their preventive maintenance plans. Monitoring the developments of the industry closely, it has been noticed that companies are sourcing out the procurement of these parts to third parties.

Procint Parts & Services (Procint P&S) in now offering to the industry a supply chain integration service, moving from a fragmented to a much more consolidated approach to manage these expenditures.
The potential savings by using this approach may be significant when both costs to procure materials and the costs to transport them, are considered.

Procint P&S is able to serve you with a standard procurement package, including all services required to convert the technical specifications into equipment and/or services. The aim of PPS is to cover a complete package of Procurement and Logistic services adapted to the needs of each Client.

The management of Procint P&S is fully aware of the fact that procurement is of the utmost importance in the total maintenance cycle and guarantees that all services will be performed in accordance with the latest procurement practices applying and maintaining the highest standards of ethics and integrity.

When a new procurement contract is concluded, the following major phases of procurement services are described below:

Procint P&S performs the preparatory work which includes the preparation of sound commercial conditions to suppliers, procurement procedures, setting up of communication procedures between the Client and the parties concerned, and finally the preparation of all necessary detailed desk procedures.

The second phase includes all those activities up to and including the final purchase order award. These can be split into the following phases:

Preparation of the Vendor List
The Vendor list will include only those suppliers of which it is almost certain that they are able to submit a suitable quotation. This phase may include examinations of the potential suppliers to check work load, facilities and solvency.

Enquiry Phase
This phase includes all the work required to obtain and evaluate quotations. The status of the RFQs is regularly checked and a quotation status report is kept up to date. A bid tabulation will be made and send to the Client for review, if required. For major contracts, the sealed bid procedure may be used for these steps.

Negotiations and Order Award
After the supplier selection, Procint P&S will initiate the contract negotiations and order award. With the purchase order award the selection phase is completed.

The third phase requires all activities to get the material and documents to the agreed point of delivery in the specified quality and on schedule. This phase includes desk expediting and (on request) shop expediting. Although timely delivery of the goods is and remains the responsibility of the manufacturer, Procint P&S will closely monitor the progress. Progress reports are reviewed and shops visits are made, if needed.

For complicated goods, the materials will be inspected at the end of the manufacturing cycle.
In advance of the shipment, the forwarding activities are started, including preparation of shipping documents and packing.
The Client may assign a third party inspector prior to releasing the goods.
Once shipped, Procint P&S will closely monitor the forwarder regarding the status of the shipment.

In this last phase of the procurement cycle, the purchase order is closed out. All documents furnished by the supplier in the course of the order are thoroughly checked for correctness and completeness, including invoices and associated documents.

All the above activities are supported by hard- and software during the entire procurement cycle. Standard RFQs are automatically generated. Progress calculation, requisition- and order status reports, bid tabulations, etc. are all prepared by our software ensuring timely and correct processing of all data.

Procint P&S is executing these activities as a fully independent entity and does not have any connection to or relation with manufacturers of equipment and instruments. The expertise in the procurement field has been strengthened by employing people having ample experience in the global oil & gas purchasing field.

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