On Line Valve Lubrication and Sealing

Procint and their fabricator Olivals can supply you with online valve lubrication and sealing products and equipment as follows:

On-Line Valve Lubrication and Sealing (OLIVALS) is a process that lubricates and seals the valves in the pipeline without taking them out to be serviced in a workshop.

We emphasize on bringing the workshop to the valves and not the valves to the workshop.

This is a process that uses OLIVALS equipment to inject OLIVALS products into the valves via OLIVALS fittings. A process, which has been proven effective for more than 10 years locally and internationally.

Ball Valves
Plug Valves
Gate Valves

Fast & Effective
Eliminate costly unplanned downtime, increase productivity

No need to dismantle valves from line
Lubricate and seal passing valves without shutting off production
Release jammed valves
Optimize valve performance and prolong service life
Preserve internal valve components from corrosion
Reduce overall maintenance cost

The Process
1. Flushing Cleaning valve with OLIVALS VF Liquid Valve Cleaner.
2. Lubrication Lubricate valve with OLIVALS VL Valve Lubricant.
3. Sealing If valve is passing, inject OLIVALS VS2 / VRS Valve Sealant to seal valve at close position.

Products and Equipment
We supply specialized Valve Lubrication Products and Equipment to clean, lubricate & seal valves, as follows:
OLIVALS VF Valve King Flush
OLIVALS VL Valve Lubricant
OLIVALS VS2 Valve Master Sealant
OLIVALS VRS Valve Repair Sealant
OLIVALS 751 - Valve Master Pump to inject Lubricant & Sealant
OLIVALS FM-II - High Pressure Valve Flush Pump
Fittings and Accessoires