Caloperm - Heat exchange is our competence

The development and production of plate heat exchangers feasible to extreme temperatures and pressures in many applications is our business.

With formation of the product group Calopyx, Caloperm has created - due to the total elimination of elastomer gaskets - a series of plate heat exchangers which are suitable to temperatures in the range between -200 C to +950 C and pressures up to 150 bar.

With introduction of our unique production process we offer our customers compact, cost efficient and reliable products, which surpass traditional heat exchangers in many areas.

Based on long lasting experience in the area of heat exchange we aim to extend the operating limits in the plate heat technology with constant development of new products.

The fully welded Calopyx heat exchanger combines the best features of plate heat exchangers and shell & tube heat exchangers.
The heat exchange area consists of a pack of profiled stainless steel or titanium plates alternately welded together at the outer and inner diameter. Fitted with end tubes the plate pack is brought in position inside the shell, all the support is assembled and finally all components are welded together to the complete gasket free Calopyx heat exchanger.

Typical applications of the Calopyx Heat Exchanger
Petrochemical Industry
Offshore Industry
Process Industry
Air Treatment
Hydrogen Technology
Chemicals from A as Ammonia to Potassium Solution and X as Xylene
Power Industry

Design of the Calopyx Heat Exchanger
Liquid-Liquid - Heat Exchanger
Gas-Liquid - Heat Exchanger
Gas-Gas - Heat Exchanger
Vaporiser/Liquider with separator

Performance of the Calopyx Heat Exchanger
Operation pressure up to 150 bar
Operation temperature -200C up to +950 C
Power range between 5 and 30 000 KW