VME Process

VME Process, Inc (VME) is a global supply company that provides separation products and technology to many industry sectors especially on the international oil and gas markets. Range of products includes TEG Gas Dehydration, Membrane & Amine Solvent Gas Sweetening (CO2 & H2S), Crude Oil and Gas Separators and Internals, Produced Water Treatment, Seawater Filtration and Deareation, Fuel Gas Conditioning and Chemical Injection systems. VME’s corporate headquarters complete with design, engineering, and fabrication capabilities is located in Tyler, Texas (USA). Our Tyler office is home for most of our corporate departments including administration, project management, sales, engineering, design, fabrication, and quality control. All of our custom designed separation products and vessel internals are fabricated at this location.

VME Technical Services Sdn Bhd (VMETS) is located in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. VMETS is our local technical supports and provide services for design, procurement, project management, expediting, fabrication supervision, FAT, commissioning supervision and training. Our fabrication shop located in Shah Alam, Malaysia

VME was founded and incorporated in 1985 under the name VME Fabricators to design, and manufacture small packaged equipment and custom products for the oil and petrochemical industries. The company enjoyed immediate success and gained recognition in the international oil and gas industries for its custom designed internals. During that time, VME had extended its separation products into other industries such as pulp and paper, gas processing, steam production, water treatment, and petroleum refining.

Many of our customers have been E&C companies, fabrication companies, or vessel suppliers. Companies familiar with VME have enjoyed our quality products and on-time deliveries. We continue to receive the highest honor possible from our customers; that is their repeat business. VME is known as an expert in the design and supply of process equipment and custom separation products for both onshore and offshore projects.

Through our engineers and affiliates we have experience in the supply of equipment for:

• FPSO topsides
• Crude oil separation
• Electrostatic dehydrators and desalters
• Chemical injection skids
• Fuel gas conditioning skids
• Gas treating and compression
• Water treatment

Custom Fabrication
At VME, we provide ourselves in developing better ways to do things. Over the years we have automated many of our labor-intensive activities resulting in lower operating costs and shorter product deliveries. All of this adds up to larger savings for our customers without compromising quality. Our products are custom designed and fabricated for each individual project.

Experience List
Our supply of custom designed products are presently used in processing equipment throughout North and South America, Africa, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia making VME a global supplier of separation equipment and technology.