Coalescer Packs

With pressing world environmental demands, VME designed and fabricated its first Corrugated Plate Coalescer™ (or CPC Pack™) in 1985 for the separation of oil from water. The liquid-liquid coalescer was installed on an offshore production platform in the Gulf of Mexico for treatment of produced water. VME's Corrugated Plate Coalescer™ reduced the oil content in the water from over 1,000 ppm to less than 20 ppm and is still in operation today. Since that time, VME has designed and furnished CPC Packs™ for over 80 installations; a few of which had capacities in excess of 100,000 BPD. CPC Packs™ have also been successfully utilized in oily water cleanup with 11° API heavy oil!

Benefits of CPC Packs™ in New Applications:

Smaller Separators
Improved Separation Efficiency
Higher Safety Margin
Lower Operating Cost

CPC PacksTM can be designed for counter-current or cross flow treatment systems. In either design, droplet migration is enhanced since it only has to rise an inch or two, not several feet. Oil droplets, because of their lower density, rise to the bottom side of the coalescer plate while large diameter solids fall to the top of the plate below. Since the impurities travel perpendicular to the bulk flow, separation of the immiscible liquids continues as the bulk fluid travels though the coalescer pack. Depending on the application, one or more CPC Packs™ may be necessary to achieve the degree of separation required.

Not only have CPC Packs™ been successful in oily water separators, they have been used extensively in three-phase production separators in many locations such as the Gulf of Mexico and the Middle East. In bulk oil/water separation, VME's coalescer packs increased water removal 1500% over the original configuration in one application1. In other cases, VME's proprietary internals improved separator efficiencies and decreased demulsifier chemical consumption. Used in new applications, coalescer packs can decrease the size of gravity separators thereby decreasing capital expense and saving valuable plot space.

Since VME Fabricators custom designs all of our products, we can manufacture a CPC Pack™ to fit into existing production separators, CPI separators, API separators, or skimmer vessels. Using VME's proprietary design software, our experienced engineers can also provide process support in designing new water treatment facilities or separation systems.

CPC Pack™ can be fabricated from materials such as stainless steel, carbon steel, fiberglass reinforced polyester (FRP) polypropylene, or other material depending upon your specific application. Let VME Fabricators assist you with your next liquid-liquid separation problem.

VME's custom designed process internals are engineered and fabricated to minimize downtime in retrofit projects. Is foam generation expected to be a problem? Let VME help solve you next foaming problem using proven foam-breaking internals.

Benefits of CPC Packs™ in Retrofit Applications:

Increased Liquid Capacity
Improved Separation Efficiency
Cleaner Effluent Water
Reduced Chemical Costs