Vane Mist Eliminators

Vane-type mist eliminators are used for high efficiency separation of liquid from gas and are less susceptible to plugging than mesh-type demisters. VME Fabricators designs and manufactures three different types of vane mist eliminators; the Dynamic PocketTM, Single Pocket and Double Pocket. Since VME custom designs and fabricates each unit, our engineers will select the proper materials, vane spacing, dimensions and configuration to meet your project requirements.

Dynamic Pocket™ Mist Eliminator

The Dynamic Pocket™ vane mist eliminator, commonly referred to as a Chevron, Hookless, or pocketless mist extractor can be used in horizontal or vertical flow service. VME's unique design provides a tortuous path of directional hanges using a series of expansions and contractions without the use of rigid or fixed pockets. This design provides the least amount of pressure drop and is ideal to use in fouling service. For vertical flow applications, this design allows the coalesced liquid droplets to fall uninhibited to the liquid phase. If your application calls for removal of viscous liquids or sticky solids, VME's Dynamic Pocket™ design may be your best choice.

Single Pocket Mist Eliminator

Designed for high liquid loading, VME's Single Pocket vane mist eliminator is a modified version of our high efficiency Dynamic PocketTM design. The Single Pocket vane uses wider plate spacing and incorporates liquid collection pockets. The collection pockets are strategically placed to remove the larger liquid droplets thereby increasing the separation efficiency of smaller droplets. The pockets also minimize re-entrainment in high velocity units.

Double Pocket Mist Eliminator

The Double Pocket cane mist eliminator is used for special treatment applications that require high efficiency separation or foam breakdown. VME's proprietary design incorporates wide plate spacing and a specially formed double pocket. Using the same principle as our Single Pocket design for high liquid loading, the collection pockets are strategically placed to remove the larger liquid droplets thereby increasing the separation efficiency of smaller droplets. The Double Pocket mist extractor is also highly efficient in breaking form.

Vane or impingement type mist eliminators have been effectively utilized in many different industries. In fact, they can be oriented for used in either vertical flow or horizontal flow service depending on the specific application. In vertical flow service, the coalesced and separated liquid migrates counter-current to the gas flow. Then installed for horizontal flow, the vane mist eliminator allows the liquid to settle perpendicular to the bulk gas flow thereby increasing separation efficiency. Since the primary mechanism for droplet removal is by impingement, design velocity and cane configuration is critical to the performance of the unit. A design that is too conservative may not provide enough turbulence to remove smaller droplets while undersizing may cause separated liquid droplets to become re-entrained in the gas. Therefore, mist eliminators should be sized and designed by an experienced engineer. When properly designed, vane-type mist eliminators can remove droplet sized as low as five microns (5 μm) in certain applications.