FPSO Topsides

Procint is the exclusive European representative of VME Process. Together we can you with complete Topside Modules and Systems

VME Process, Inc (VME) is a global supply company that provides separation products and technology to many industry sectors especially on the international oil and gas markets. Range of products includes TEG Gas Dehydration, Membrane & Amine Solvent Gas Sweetening (CO2 & H2S), Crude Oil and Gas Separators and Internals, Produced Water Treatment, Seawater Filtration and Deareation, Fuel Gas Conditioning and Chemical Injection systems.

Our expertise typically consists of the process design, guarantee and supply of various process systems for FPSOs. This involves the minimum requirements for the design, material selection, fabrication, inspection and testing,certification, preparation for shipment and supply of equipment related to the FPSO Topsides equipment.

We are using our own proprietary internals which are specifically designed for motion control and enhanced separation on the FPSO.

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